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Winter Ashby

[Fic] Cold Feet (Gen Fic) - Mentions of E/B and J/B

Title: Cold Feet
Author: Winter Ashby (rosweldrmr)
Disclaimer: Twilight Series © Stephenie Meyer
Rating: K
Time Line: Post Eclipse.
Summary: I can’t be perfect and graceful... I can’t dazzle people. I’m awkward, and normal. I can’t be like you. It wouldn’t be right. It wouldn’t be me... I wouldn’t be Bella Swan. (Bella and Rosalie have a conversation)
Authors Notes: One of my biggest problem with the entire Twilight Series is the ease with which Bella makes the choice to become a vampire. I don't think it's realistic. There should be remorse, and fear, and apprehension. Edward can't make all that just go away because she's in love with him. She loves her family too. And I think this is a somewhat probable freak out that Bella would, inevitably experience. This is an important aspect of her character, and I would be very disappointed in Stephanie Meyer if she didn't have something to this effect in the next look. Just Bella, really taking the time to think about what it will mean to become a vampire. Because, in my opinion, the only thing she's thinking about is Edward. And that would be a big mistake. She does have a life outside of him, and to just throw it all away, without even considering the other people in her life, would be catastrophic. Namely, Jacob. There will be talk of Bella loving him too. There is also a few literary references... (finally a character who can spout my literary parallels without being out of character, huzzah!)
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